O.P.M.S.® Kratom Authenticity Guide

Make sure you are purchasing an authentic O.P.M.S. Product.

O.P.M.S. does NOT sell bulk or loose product, only in packaged good.  If a vendor is offering “loose gold O.P.M.S. capsules, (even if the capsules have the 3 leaf logo); these are fake and likely to contain research chemicals.  O.P.M.S. has found several stores that  offer loose O.P.M.S. gold capsules: These are Fake and contain research chemicals.

O.P.M.S. Gold products: 2ct, 3ct, and 5ct have not been sold in bags in a year.  O.P.M.S. has replaced old packaging for vendors in the beginning months after changing packaging and therefore old packaging is fake.  Any vendor selling O.P.M.S. Gold products in a bag is selling a fake product likely to contain research chemicals. 

At any given point several companies are illegally counterfeiting O.P.M.S. products, and most are adding dangerous ingredients such as research chemicals into their mix.  O.P.M.S. is constantly battling these criminals via O.P.M.S.’  legal and enforcement department.

Due to the serious danger to the public; stores that carry fake O.P.M.S. products will be treated no differently then the criminals that make these products.  The O.P.M.S. Legal team will go after these stores and will disrupt their business aggressively.

O.P.M.S. products have several key identifiers and unique markings to ensure customers can distinguish an authentic product from a fake product.

Reports of any company selling fake O.P.M.S. products are always taken seriously. Please inform us if you have any information pertaining to suspicious products. This will aid in keeping everyone safe.

O.P.M.S. identifiers to distinguish real products from counterfeits:

– IN The Product Packaging (All of O.P.M.S.’ products’ packaging have very specific areas where several key designs show its authenticity.)

– ON The Product Capsules

(Every capsule or carrier will ALWAYS have the authentic O.P.M.S. Logo printed on it.) Click one of the product lines below to see details and explanation on distinguishing real from fake, O.P.M.S. Products.