Frequently asked Questions(FAQ)


Q: What does the silver OPMS Logo look like?  

Q: What color is the logo for Silver OPMS.

A:  Silver OPMS capsules have a 3 leaf logo in golden color.

Q: Do all silver product have printed logo on capsules

A: All silver products in bag and box/blister packs have the logo printed on the capsules, with minor exceptions.   See next question.

Q: why did I find an OPMS silver bag with mixed printed and not printed capsules?

A: OPMS, on occasions, has had to sell and package silver OPMS faster than its printing equipment can keep up with. On those rare occasions OPMS has had to package the printed silver capsules mixed in with capsules that are pre printed.


Q: What color is the printed logo on the capsule for Gold OPMS.?

A:  Purple

Q: What does the logo look like for Gold OPMS.

Q: I saw OPMS Gold in a bag and even some in loose capsules in a jar, are these real?

A: All OPMS Gold in a bag are fake (counterfeit) and and All OPMS Gold in a bulk Jar is also Fake (counterfeit).  Beware, these fake OPMS Gold capsules have been found to contain synthetic cannabinoids and/or synthetic Opioids. 

Q: What package size is available for the Gold OPMS

A: 2ct, 3ct, and 5ct trapped blister packs

Q: Why is OPMS Gold a higher quality extract than others?

A: OPMS has a unique cold water extraction system that keeps the alkaloids intact.  This is imperative in order to retain certain alkaloids that are often damaged in extraction.  In addition, during most extraction processes of others, some alkaloids that are significant to the quality get flushed out.

Q: Are there any Gold OPMS capsules without the printed 3 leaf logo.

A: no, OPMS Gold capsules are only offered with the printed 3 leaf logo.

Q: What strain is OPMS Gold extract made from?

A: OPMS Gold extract is made of Green vein Maeng Da.


Q:Are there truly fake OPMS products in the market?

A: There is a lot of counterfeit (fake) OPMS kratom product on the market, in silver, gold and liquid.

Q: What should I expect when I buy a fake OPMS product?

A: Unfortunately no one knows, some of these tested to have nothing in them, some had synthetic chemicals such as Pfizer px-3, some had synthetic Opiods. You just never know. The above is true for many of the fake or counterfeit product for many of other kratom brands. It is a lot cheaper to adulterate a product vs to put in quality kratom that has been tested and/or extracted. Sometimes it is just low quality kratom that was not sterilized and not tested for Salmonella, feces, mold, heavy metals, or other common contaminants.

Q: I got a package with only some of the capsules containing the printed logo on them. Other capsules had no print, is this authentic or fake product?

A: It is authentic product, OPMS, on occasions, has had to sell and package silver OPMS faster than its printing equipment can keep up with. On those rare occasions OPMS has had to package the printed silver capsules mixed in with capsules that are pre printed.

Q: What is a OPMS Platinum?

A: OPMS Platinum is a fake product, it is not made by OPMS and has been found to have synthetics in it.

Packaging and Sizing Available

Q: What packages and sizing is available in silver?

A:  Silver is available in Bags ( 8g, 15g, 30g, 60g, and 1 oz powder) and in boxes of blister packs (16g, 32g, 64g)

Q: What strains are available in silver opms?

A:  3 strains are available, Thai, Maeng Da, and Malay.

Q: What vein are the opms silver products?

A: Maeng Da is green vein, Malay is Mixed green vein and red vein and Thai is green vein.

Q: Why is Malay mixed on Green and Red Vein?

A: Malay is mixed on Green and Red vein in order to create the fuller spectrum of alkaloids and in the values OPMS seeks for this product.

Silver Extract

Q: Is silver an extract?

A: Silver is not an extract as much as it is a “1 x times strength”:

The alkaloid content is listed on the packaging, in order to maintain this alkaloid content in the packaging from batch to batch OPMS will test each batch that comes in for alkaloid profile and than mix between batches to match to the alkaloid content it seeks and that is listed for the strains.


Q: How do I know there is no Salmonella in OPMS’ silver kratom ?

A: OPMS tests for Salmonella upon receiving batches and sterilizes all Kratom products to eradicate any biological contaminants 

Q: what does OPMS test for?

A: OPMS tests it’s kratom’s alkaloid levels and also contaminants such as Salmonella, heavy metals,  E. coli, molds and other common contaminants. 


Purchasing Directly From OPMS

Q: Can I buy OPMS directly as an individual?

A: OPMS only sells to individuals via distributors and stores.

Q: I have a store how do I buy OPMS products from OPMS?

A: OPMS does not sell directly to stores.  All sales of OPMS products are via authorized distributors of OPMS.  

Q: How does a store know who is an authorized distributor of OPMS?

A: please send us an inquiry via our contact form, we will direct you to your nearest OPMS authorized distributors.  

Liquid OPMS Extract

Q: What is liquid OPMS? 

A: liquid OPMS is a heavily bioavailable kratom extract.

Q: What size is Liquid OPMS?

A: 8ml, comes in a small hour glass shape sleeved plastic bottle.

Q:  Has OPMS liquid changed their look recently? 

A: OPMS liquid now has a new label as of mid July 2019, see pic

Q: Has OPMS liquid changed their formulation with the label?

A: OPMS liquid has not changed their formulation in several years. OPMS Liquid in new label is exact same product as in the old label.

Q: Why did OPMS liquid change it’s label recently?

A: The new look is to both keep counterfeiters at bay, and to comply with upcoming labeling regulations for Kratom for some states.

Q: Why has the alkaloid content changed on the new label in OPMS liquid, is there a different formula, or less alkaloid.


The only change to the product is to the label of the product, not the product, itself or it’s formulation. Kratom contains a host of many different alkaloids, over 20. Many of the alkaloids are various types of isomers of mitragynine, the principal alkaloid. Many of the isomers even have the exact same molecular weight as mitragynine. During standard analysis, these similar alkaloids are normally totalized in the overall quantity of mitragynine that is detected, based on the type of analytical instrument that is employed. OPMS has made a continued effort to push the boundaries of technology and provide a better and more comprehensive analysis of the contents of its products. Recently, OPMS has started using a more precise analytical method and more accurate instrumentation. This has allowed OPMS to identify all of the alkaloids individually, despite their structural similarity to mitragynine. Now OPMS is able to provide more accurate analytical results than ever before and in doing so establish the exact quantity of mitragynine, rather than a totalized figure for all of the “mitragynines” as most anyone else would. This will set a new industry standard in how quantitative analysis of the alkaloids of kratom are identified and assayed. This also helps OPMS more accurately list the alkaloid content in it’s products to meet upcoming regulations. OPMS would like to reassure our customers, the product is exactly the same as it always has been.


Q: How long has OPMS been on the market?

A: OPMS has been selling Kratom extract products to mass market since 2009. OPMS was established in 2005 with the goal of finding an alternative method of extracting from Kratom with out damaging the alkaloids in process.

Q: I read that OPMS products have chemicals in them, is this true?

A: Absolutely not. OPMS products are the cleanest and purest kratom products on the market. There has always this jealousy towards OPMS by some of the kratom companies due to their inability to match the quality of OPMS, therefore, rumors are made up.

Q: Is there synthetic mitragynine or 7 hydroxymitragynine in any OPMS kratom products?

A: NO, OPMS will never put synthetic anything in it’s products, including synthetic alkaloids of kratom. Many companies do, however, add synthetic 7 hydroxymitragynine to their kratom products to enhance the effect. Until recently many of these products were often referred to as “enhanced kratom”

Q: Is enhanced kratom safe?

A: The FDA’s biggest concern with kratom has always been the levels of 7 hydroxymitragynine as a cause for organ failure via toxicity. Enhanced kratom products often times contain 4-10 plus times the amount, of 7 hydroxymitragynine over kratom in it’s natural form. Recent legislation in several states banned the enhancing kratom with anything including synthetic 7 hydroxymitragynine.

Q: What is kratom in it’s natural form?

A: Kratom in it’s natural form is kratom that was not enhanced with any chemicals, synthetics, or any of the alkaloids chemically altered. Today there is a big push in legislation and by the American Kratom Association to only allow kratom in it’s natural form to be sold on the market. OPMS has had this belief since it’s inception.